2017 in Review

2017 was a great year for our organisation – we have more than doubled the number of students we reached and involved five times as many women in STEM. We had students and mentors return for a second year and bring their family and friends. Our mentors this year were from all walks of life and worked in so many different fields and industries – we really enjoyed documenting their stories and seeing how excited students were to have one-on-one time with some idols of the fields that they are interested in. We can’t wait to continue to inspire more WA girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – bring on 2018!


Here are some stats from 2017:

TITP 2017 Review A4


Some quotes from our participants:

“I went in thinking I knew what I wanted to do, but I came out of the meetings with a more open mind. The session blew me away and has opened my eyes to so many more aspects of science as a career. I liked learning how mentors were able to cross their passions and science. I liked the variety of careers available, and the different paths people followed in their careers.”

– student 2017

“The event really answered a lot of unanswered questions about engineering for me. I loved the vibe and feel of the event because it felt like a group of women pushing each other to be better. I feel like attending these events are a lot more informative than Uni open days because you get one-on-one time and lots of detail.”

– student 2017

“This was certainly an opportunity for professional development. It made me think about how I speak and relate to a younger audience which is very important in the workplace.”

– mentor 2017

Our mentors in 2017 described their jobs as:


Here is a map of the schools we reached in 2017:


You can download the ‘TITP 2017 in Review’ report here: TITP 2017 Review A4.