Mandurah 2018

The Innovators’ Tea Party for Peel Bright Minds

On Saturday 19th May, The Innovators’ Tea Party partnered with Peel Bright Minds to host a free speed-networking event in Mandurah for the people of the Peel Region.

Another successful event – thanks for having us!

Meet our Mentors!

Karin Wittwer

65Karin Wittwer is an Energy Efficiency Project Officer at the City of Mandurah.

We asked Karin to tell us how she got to be in her current role, and why she loves it.

“When I left school I had no idea what I wanted to do and didn’t start my degree until I was 28. I spent my 20s travelling and working in hospitality and administrative roles – it took me a long time to discover my passion and decide on a direction. I chose to work in sustainability because I wanted to contribute to climate change mitigation and the only way to do that is to decarbonise our energy supply.

I studied an undergraduate degree in Sustainable Development, and am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Energy Management. Landing this job at the City of Mandurah doing exactly what I want to be doing was a culmination of many years of study (next to working full time) and working in a related area of the commercial sector. I really feel like all the hard work has paid off and it has turned out to be an amazingly positive working environment. When you get to work every day to contribute to a cause that you genuinely care about and connect with like-minded people you really feel like you are making an impact. I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now.”

Caris Read

Read, CarisCaris Read is a Speech Pathologist at the Statewide Speech and Language Service.
We asked Caris to tell us what she does and why she chose to be a speech pathologist.

“I currently work with teachers to support children with language, speech and literacy difficulties in the classroom. Prior to this I was working in private practice where I provided individual therapy to children with speech, language, literacy & fluency (stuttering) difficulties.

I chose to study Speech Pathology because of my interest in health and human biology. I chose to work in the paediatric field because I found it so rewarding to help children develop skills that would help them to achieve academically, socially & emotionally throughout their lives. It is a basic human need to be able to communicate effectively with others and be understood – to help clients achieve that is a great feeling.”

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This event was proudly delivered in partnership with local organisation Peel Bright Minds.