Meet our Mentors

Over 500 women working and studying STEM in WA volunteer as mentors at The Innovators’ Tea Party events. We hope you enjoy these inspiring video presentations from some of our Women in STEM Mentors.

Josephine – CEO and Entrepreneur

Josephine leads a research team who listen, record and analyse gut noises to diagnose and monitor gut disorders.

Adelaide – Marine Environmental Scientist

Adelaide conducts marine surveys (such as seagrass health surveys), manages projects, interacts with clients, and analyses data to write reports.

Jennifer – Senior Control Systems Engineer

Jennifer works in mining where she ensures that the remote processing plant is operating correctly by solving problems and updating programming technologies.

Abbey – Process Engineer

Abbey is a process engineer, which involves the process of changing raw products into useful materials used to power your home.

Raffaella – Computational Chemist

Raffaella is a computational chemist who creates models to show mineral structures and more.

Annette – Reservoir Engineer

Annette is a reservoir engineer – her job involves extracting gas from below ground reservoirs.

Hazel – Medical Services Supervisor

Hazel is a medical services supervisor, having worked in a variety of settings from intensive care nursing to contributing toward disaster nursing textbooks.

Tayler – Biochemist / Pharmacologist

Tayler is a PhD candidate working on sheep fertility as part of her Biomedical and Pharmacology research.

Robyn – Medical Scientist

Robyn is a volunteer medical scientist working in developing countries, having worked all over Australia and the rest of the world.

Irene – Technical Specialist

Irene is a technical specialist, and her work involves monitoring application systems and overcoming issues in automations of services.