About Us

Our Organisation

The Innovators’ Tea Party Inc. is a Perth-based, volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation which aims to inspire and empower more young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We link successful female scientists, engineers and innovators with high-school students in order to promote STEM-focussed careers. Our mentors come from a range of backgrounds and work in a variety of industries, and all of them are passionate about promoting their field to future innovators.

Our speed-networking events are free and open to all students in years 10-12 and give attendees the opportunity to speak to each female mentor for a short period of time before moving on to the next. In this way, the students get to meet a number of role models specialising in a range of STEM fields. We encourage attendees to bring a friend and talk to the mentors together.

Our People

The Innovators’ Tea Party is an entirely volunteer-run organisation, led by a team of women in STEM professionals who are passionate about science education in WA.

Evelyn Chuk – President of TITP & Senior Mining Engineer at Rio Tinto

Evelyn has always maintained a strong passion for science, completing degrees in both Astrophysics and Engineering, before working as a fly-in-fly-out mining engineer in the West Australian Pilbara. Evelyn founded the Innovators’ Tea Party in 2016 after being inspired by her work and volunteer positions with school students across Western Australia. She is driven by her desire to promote the wonderful opportunities available to young women in STEM careers and share her love of all things STEM. On the weeks when she is not mining iron ore in the Pilbara, Evelyn can often be found gazing at the night sky through a telescope or sailing on the Swan River.

Sarah Dart – Secretary of TITP  & Medical Research Scientist at UWA

Sarah is a transplant research scientist, who has studied and worked in Australia and overseas. She is passionate about communicating science with people of all ages and cultures and advocating the importance of research and discovery. Sarah loves her work as a medical research scientist and hopes to see more women enter and stay in careers in STEM fields. Sarah believes in the importance of great mentors and hopes that The Innovators’ Tea Party can provide an opportunity for high-school girls to meet someone who inspires them to pursue their dreams. When she’s not in the lab, Sarah loves to be in the ocean, hiking, travelling or reading a great novel.

Tara Broadhurst – Treasurer of TITP & Statewide Manager at Scitech

Tara is a passionate science communicator who has spent many years inspiring the minds of younger generations around Western Australia and across the globe. She believes in exploring your world through curiosity and wonder, and having an understanding and appreciation of STEM is your key to that exploration. Tara leads Scitech’s Statewide Department which delivers a range of programs to literally every corner of Western Australia. When she isn’t reading, Tara is at the beach, on the water rowing or playing with other people’s dogs.

Cecily Arkell – Ordinary Committee Member of TITP & Education Officer at Earth Science WA

Cecily was always encouraged by her teachers to be curious and keep asking why until she found an answer. Her love of mixing things together as a child to ‘see what happens’ lead to her completing a Chemistry degree before a ten-year career in mining laboratories in Kalgoorlie and Perth. After having a bit of a break, teaching English in rural Japan, she returned to Perth to complete her teaching qualifications. She taught Science and Maths in rural and metro high schools, discovering an interest most recently in Earth and Environmental Science. This has lead to her current position as an Education Officer with Earth Science Western Australia. In her spare time, Cecily is a bit of a foodie and loves learning more about Japanese culture, volcanoes and dinosaurs – sometimes all at once!