About Us

Our Organisation

The Innovators’ Tea Party Inc. is a Perth-based, volunteer-run charity which aims to create gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. We do this by linking successful female scientists, engineers and innovators with high-school students in order to promote STEM-focused careers.

Our 600+ mentors come from a range of backgrounds, work in a variety of industries, and all of them are passionate about promoting their field to future innovators. They represent some of WA’s technical experts and industry leaders and we are so lucky to have them volunteering their time!

We run two key types of programs; speed-networking events involving one-on-one mentorship with female STEM professionals and career information nights for students, parents and teachers. Each event is aimed at breaking down stereotypes (who can have a career in STEM and how you can get there), as well as showcasing the incredible breadth of STEM careers available in Western Australia.

This organisation is run by a small team of volunteers – meet us here.